Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Please read the following Terms and Conditions in full

1.    It is a requirement of our Tenancy Agreement that all Tenants take out Insurance which covers the Landlord’s possessions against accidental damage and a copy of the Insurance Certificate should be provided to us for our records.   Cambs Property Bureau are only able to provide you with contact information for Insurance Companies offering this cover and are not in a position to recommend any one particular company.

2.    Administration Fee is £150 plus VAT (£180.00) per applicant (in the case of a Bedsit the charge is £125 plus VAT (£150.00)

    3.    Legal charge for renewal of Tenancy for further fixed period is £50 plus VAT (£60.00).
    4.    Legal charge for renewal on a Contractual Periodic basis is a one off fee of £25 plus VAT (£30.00)

5.    For every letter sent by Cambs Property Bureau in chasing overdue rent, a charge of £20 plus VAT (£24.00) will be deducted from the deposit, telephone calls and text messages will be charged at £5 plus VAT (£6.00) per call/text and will also be deducted from the deposit.

6.    For every payment presented to Cambs Property Bureau Ltd’s Bank account which is returned, refused or represented for any reason a charge of £20 plus VAT (£24.00) will be charged and/or deducted from your deposit.

7.    The Tenant hereby authorises Cambs Property Bureau Ltd to give the relevant Utility Companies, Debt Collection Agencies and/or Government Bodies forwarding addresses upon final vacation of the property.

8.    Should it be agreed for you to vacate the property prior to the end of the agreed term then a charge shall be made of £150 plus VAT (£180.00) for early release.

9.    After vacation from the property should Cambs Property Bureau Ltd receive a further monthly rental payment through non-cancellation of the relevant standing order mandate, a charge of £30 plus VAT (£36.00) will be deducted from the refund.

10.     Should you give Notice to vacate the property and then you subsequently decide to remain at the property, you will be responsible for all abortive charges including advertising costs, any refund of Administration Fees (if applicable) and cost incurred of erecting boards.

11. The Tenant shall be given two copies of the Inventory, which will include a selection of digital photographs taken before you move into the property.  If the Inventory is not available at this time, it will be provided within 5 working days. The Tenant should return a signed copy to Cambs Property Bureau within 7 working days with any minor alterations written on the Inventory. If the Inventory is not returned within the allotted time period then the Office copy shall be deemed to be accurate. Should you lose your copy a charge will be made to provide a replacement, the charge is dependent on the size of the property.

12. Should a further copy of the Tenancy Agreement be required there will be a charge of £15 plus VAT (£18.00) for his service. Where the property has been vacated, new tenants moved in, the deposit returned and the files having been archived the charge will be £30 plus VAT (£36.00).

13. Should, during the course of the Tenancy, Cambs Property Bureau or one of its Contractors be called out of office hours to meet with the Tenants due to loss of house keys on their part, a minimum charge of £40 plus VAT (£48) prior to midnight will be due immediately; the call out charge after midnight shall be £60 plus VAT (£72.00). If either Cambs Property Bureau Ltd or a Contractor is unavailable then it is the Tenant’s responsibility to instruct a Locksmith to attend.  Keys are available to collect during normal office hours Monday to Friday. Tenants instructing a locksmith to gain entry to a property after losing keys shall remain fully liable for those charges incurred including cost of new keys for Cambs Property Bureau Ltd.

14. Any other potential charges are clearly stipulated in the Tenancy Agreement, a blank copy for your perusal will be forwarded to you prior to your move in.

15. The Deposit received by Cambs Property Bureau Ltd will be transferred to the “Custodial Scheme” operated by the Government appointed operator The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) www.depositprotection.com . Once the Deposit has been received and registered by the DPS, they will post an acknowledgement to you with your Release Code – this code must be kept in a safe place for use when you vacate the property.