Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS and allowable charges

It is essential that you read the following in full

1. References shall be taken up by a third party Company which includes the Government’s Right to Rent Check.  If you are to be a Permitted Occupier only then a Credit Check and the Right to Rent Check will be taken up.  It may be the case that the Third Party Referencing Company require further documents such as bank statements and if so, they will contact you directly to obtain these.

2. We would strongly advise that all Tenants should take out Insurance which covers the Landlord’s possessions against Accidental Damage and a copy of the Insurance Certificate then should be provided to us for our records.  This includes any copy of renewal Certificates should you remain in the property longer than the initial period of Tenancy.  Cambs Property Bureau Ltd can only provide you with contact information for Insurance Companies offering this cover and are not in a position to recommend any one particular company.

3. Pay the reasonable cost of providing replacement keys or security devices for the property up to a maximum of £50 including VAT or greater where receipts or evidence are provided to show costs incurred

4. Pay the reasonable costs, a maximum of £50 including VAT or greater where receipts or evidence are provided to show costs incurred for each amendment/change to the Tenancy Agreement requested by the Tenant and agreed by the Landlord.

5. Pay, where a surrender of the Tenancy has been agreed, any losses incurred on acceptance of the surrender, which could be but not limited to the remaining rent for the term, re-advertising costs, utility supply costs, council tax and costs for any legal services retained.  Costs will be advised on a case-by-case basis.

6. The Tenant hereby authorises Cambs Property Bureau Ltd to provide the relevant Utility Companies, Debt Collection Agencies and/or Government Bodies forwarding addresses upon final vacation of the Property.

7. The Tenant shall be provided with two copies of the Inventory for the property you shall be residing in, this will include a CD of all the digital photographs taken prior to your move into the property.  If the Inventory is not available at your move in appointment it will be provided to the Tenant within 7 working days.  The Tenant should return a signed copy to Cambs Property Bureau Ltd within 7 working days and with any alterations written on the Inventory.  If the Inventory is not returned within the allotted time period then the Office copy held by Cambs Property Bureau Ltd shall be deemed to be accurate and will be used at the Vacation Inspection.

8. A blank copy of the Tenancy Agreement for you to read through shall be provided to you with your Tenancy Offer letter along with the current version of the Government’s How to Rent Guide, a current copy of the Gas Safety Record if relevant and the Energy Performance Certificate for the property you are applying for.

9. The Deposit received by Cambs Property Bureau Ltd will be transferred to the Custodial Scheme operated by the Government appointed operator, The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) www.depositprotection.com.  Once the Deposit has been received and registered by the DPS, they will acknowledge receipt to you, details of which must be kept for when you apply for the return of your Deposit after your vacation and hand back of the property.


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